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The Breathe experience is a SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) program focused on healing the body and the mind through natural scientifically  proven practices, enhancing overall well-being. Participants will learn different techniques of meditation, breath work, qi gong and somatic practices that promote safe, natural treatments for stress, trauma, aging, mental & physical challenges. This event will educate young people and adults on nutrition and “intuitive eating” helping them maintain a healthy meal plan that is in line with the body while still enjoying the foods they love. Participants will become more knowledgeable about ways to care for their body, mind and overall health.


Our mission is to provide this program FREE of charge to schools and youth organizations that don't have the allocated budget to acquire the services this program provides. These are essentials that should be provided to our young people with or without monetary constraints. This is where you can be of great support! By donating as little as $1 you will be aiding us in providing young people all over the country with this essential gift that will prove valuable in the forward progression of their lives and the future of our nation.





  • In-School Program
  • After School Program
  • Summer Camp
  • Virtual Program

Program Benefits:

  • Increase of awareness, specifically in the body. Increase in self-awareness.
  • Increase urge toward self-care and care for others.
  • Students will have the opportunity to receive natural healing consistently.
  • Students will gain knowledge on how to heal the body, emotions, and the mind.
  • Students will be encouraged and nurtured toward a healthier body and mind. 
  • Students will engage in activities and experiences that promote balance and compassion. 
  • Students will gain knowledge on plant-based foods and how they affects the environment.
  • Students will experience an increase in mental clarity and ease in emotions.
  • An increase of efficiency in schoolwork.
  • A decrease in behavior issues.
  • A decrease in mental health issues.

"We believe that an individual’s maximum potential is achieved through the combination of a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Students can only achieve their maximum potential when they feel safe, secure, and content, and achieving that requires a balance of spiritual, emotional, academic, and physical well-being,”

Begend Inc is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization that was created to support the unfolding freedom of humanity in the spirit of love. Begend’s mission is to inform and educate society about the essential aspect of spirit, mind and body while serving the planet for its better good. Begend seeks to spread awareness through creative expression and hands on initiatives that promote ‘Health Elevation’ and ‘Self-Awareness, focusing on the areas of Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies. By supporting Begend, this experience is able to be provided to the community free of charge, allowing for a greater impact.


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Begend Inc

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