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Help us provide teacher training and quality education to children in Haiti


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35% of the Haitian population is below 14 years old and eager to learn but there is a shortage of qualified teachers.  Of the 60,000 teachers in primary school, nearly 80% have not received basic teacher training.

However, these teachers are eager to learn and to be trained to provide quality education for Haitian children so they can get a better future.

Since 2010, Haiti Futur has been working with school directors and teachers to equip them with better tools  to provide a better education to Haiti’s children.  We have introduced a digital whiteboard in the classroom, along with educational content that makes teaching and learning fun and more interactive. We provide continuous training to the teachers to show them how to best use the digital whiteboard to get the children engaged and excited to learn.


We have currently over 400 schools where the Digital whiteboard has been installed. Our spring fundraising campaign allows us to continue to provide support for these schools in the form of teacher formation, teacher and technician salaries and maintenance/repair of hardware. Please help us by donating.

  • $30 will  support a school for a month
  • $90 will support a school for a quarter
  • $180 will  support  a school for a semester
  • $360 will support a school for a full year

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129 supporters

$15,000 goal

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