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Only half of Haiti's children get an education


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Half of children in Haiti are not enrolled in school because the families are unable to come up with the money to send their child to school. The average cost of a year of school depends on grade level & if it is a public or private school and averages $150-550 for an ENTIRE YEAR!  That includes tuition, uniform/shoes, & books/supplies. That small amount keeps many children from an education. But wait! You say public school, why can't all the kids get an education there? Because even a public school has a small cost of tuition, plus a uniform and books must be purchases to attend, and if you have no employment, how will you be able to afford these things, especially when you don't even have enough to eat? You won't or if you can, but have multiple children you might have to decide which one gets to attend and the others have to stay home.

For 4 years we have been sponsoring children to attend school in the community of Ranquitte, Haiti and the surrounding areas. We have grown through the dedication and generosity of our donors to sponsoring 122 children in 2020-21 school year. We hope that we will be able to tell all these children that they can return to school for the 2021-22 school year, but that all depends on you. Will you commit to helping a child go to school to gain the gift of reading, writing, and problem solving?

You can sign up to give a one-time gift or monthly or even quarterly. No gift is too small & it is appreciated by the child who now will be able to attend school because of your generosity!

Shoulder to Shoulder with Haiti is a Christian, non-profit organization that exists to love and care for vulnerable children by meeting their physical & educational needs so they might overcome their life circumstances & break free from the general cycle of poverty.

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4 supporters

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Shoulder to Shoulder with Haiti

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EIN 81-4569534