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Your gift is tripled through the end of September, up to a total of $7,500, by a generous donor and his employer!

Last summer, Peli reached out to Alongside Families. Lying on the floor in the middle of an empty house, she sobbed into the phone, “I have nowhere to go. Me and my kids will be homeless.” Peli was terrified that she would lose her children to foster care. She felt alone.

Our family of volunteers rallied to keep Peli’s family intact. Host Families welcomed Peli and her three children into their homes during the initial crisis and an army of volunteers has been there ever since to provide hosting, support, mentoring, and friendship. 

Today Peli and her kids are where they belong-- back together. They have gained lasting community in 18 Alongside Families volunteers. Peli has a new apartment, is taking steps to find a career-level job, has childcare for her kids, is breaking unhealthy generational cycles in her family, writing a book, and has dreams of becoming an inspirational speaker and published author.

In light of all that God had done, Peli’s heart overflowed. She wanted to give back. She felt convicted to tithe and gave 10% of her entire paycheck—$18—to Alongside Families so that other isolated families could find community. 

Will you honor Peli's gift of faith with us? 

Will you give a gift of $25, $100, $500... or even $10,000!-- out of what you have been given? Our prayer is that God will multiply Peli’s $18 into $88,000 by the end of this year to bless many families. Your gift of ANY amount can make this happen! 

Give because you have been given much. Give because that much was meant to bless your neighbors too. Give because EVERY. SINGLE. GIFT. matters for hurting families.

In Alongside Family's first year we:

  • Provided 68 child hostings for struggling families
  • Reunited 100% of children with their parent(s)
  • Provided 1,300+ nights of care

Many, many more families still need our support. 

Let's multiply Peli's gift to double our family preservation efforts in 2023!



16 Supporters

9% of $88,000 goal

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