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Donate to help kids in the south of Ukraine

Support children hospital in the south of Ukraine, during the Russian war against Ukrainian people.


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On February 24, 2022, people in the south of Ukraine and surrounding cities woke up from rocket attacks. The strikes were carried out in peaceful cities throughout Ukraine.

Many people urgently gathered their children, life-essentials, and documents at night. They left their homes with the thought that they would never return.

My parents, 72-year-old medical doctors, are still working at children’s hospital. They decided to stay in the city and help kids during this attack.


My father Stanchev Oleg has worked as a pediatric surgeon for his entire life and continues to operate on children during this wartime.


My mother Stancheva Maria is a neontologist who takes care of newborn premature babies. She is with her husband providing the necessary medical assistance in the hospital.


Due to missile and tank strikes, doctors need to constantly hide and work in the bomb shelter. Several times a day they carry the children and the necessary equipment to the basement. So far they have spent 6 nights in the bomb shelter.


Due to martial law, there are only a couple of pharmacies in the city and, unfortunately, the necessary medicines have already run out.

Our goal is to raise money in order to ensure the purchase of vital medicines and equipment for newborns and children in the hospital in the city of Mykolaiv.

We are purchasing medicines in Germany and Italy. We will deliver it all to the border of Ukraine and our volunteers will deliver all the medicines directly to the hospital.

If you can help with donations, please help.
If you can help share this page with those who are willing to help, please share it.

Together we can help children and together we can save their lives.


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So far we have raised $1610

  1. Before this campaign started, our volunteers were spending their own money plus a lot of people were sending money directly to volunteers as a reaction to Instagram stories. The first 5-6 days that worked, but now they are running out of budget. This campaign aimed to help doctors keep doing their job.
  2. Part of the already raised money will be spent to buy necessary equipment in Germany and we send it to the border of Ukraine where our volunteers deliver it to the hospital. 
  3. Part of this money will be transferred to our volunteers in Ukraine, Mykolayiv city as there are still some essential medicines that can be purchased in a local pharmacy. 
  4. Today we already managed to coordinate the delivery of essential medicines that were found in local pharmacies.


Share Fundraiser

Campaign Ended


66 Supporters

1% of $500,000 goal

Help kids