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Organized by Queen Sheba Village


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Have you wondered how we got started(in brief)?

Hello, my name is Queen Sheba and I always had a dream and desire to serve others specifically women and children whom are less fortunate than myself. I was invited to Senegal and saw the dire need  up close and personal and wanted to take action  to learn more about the specifics of circumstances related to inequality and poverty but not before I visited several times to educate myself about the cultures, lanquage , etc.  This labor of care became realized in rural Villages in Senegal before 2013 . I and my son, Moustapha visited families and villages frequently and some time after recruited a team to discuss the details of how we could hold social activities (health/hygiene , medical distributions, school supply distributions) and related events to make a difference giving back to community. 

Since our humble beginnings we continued to serve as a collective resourceful dynamic and have achieved many successful programs and projects and have expanded our networks to International  volunteering opportunity. 

 There is Still a Need for Educational Resources and Why We Need Your Support 

 Young women and girls presently have no additional educational nor social resources or place to partake in to better their lives in the rural region of Risfique locality where they reside other then the schools they attend which is often over crowded nor conducive to learn in. We ask your support to become the first American resource tool to provide opportunities to young women, girls and families tomorrow today!

Hello Donors we have updates for your Review. Thanks to you we are building on and S t r o n g !!!

A Vision of Hope




With your support to help Build the Center we will be able to accomplish the following; train more than 50 young women in starting and running a business, create a mentor network for its female entrepreneurs, provide microloans to 10 program graduates, provide health education and hygiene kits for 1,000 women and girls, offer over 1,000 community members access to library books and computers, host economic empowerment workshops for up to 100 people per month. 

Our Progress Since We Started This Project .For a detailed read and view to WHAT we have accomplished and with the funds you have provided can be found here by visiting us entirely at https://queenshebavillage.org/


*The end of this Campaign the Name of anyone contributing $ 1000.00 or more will be engraved on the Social Center educational stone carve displayed proudly in recognition to the world. This is a monument of gratitude erected upon entrance to the 1st Social Center of it's kind not only in the region but in Senegal. *kindly submit the Name you want to SEE engraved on this pantheon. Stay tuned for additional benefits to be announced.

*The Social Center will have all of the necessary resourceful equipment and be fully functional to teach in a harmonious workshop classroom environment safe to all participants.



*The Social Center will be managed by well trained local leadership supported by the expertise in Senegal and International Volunteers globally including the United States of America.

*Sincerely to all donating supporters no amount received is too small. All donors will be acknowledged at the completion of this humble project. Thank you for your generosity.

The Bigger Picture

We seek to Complete Phase 1 on Ground Level 1. In hope to expand and invite future International Volunteers, Collaborators and Partners onsite in Senegal we invite you to learn more email us and contact us at https://queenshebavillage.org/.

*Star Team QSV Mom Queen Sheba & Son Moustapha 


QSV, Inc is a USA Tax deductible 501(c)(3) organization with EIN number 30-0439849

Thank you for your generous support.



Share Fundraiser


79 Supporters

81% of $8,000 goal

Queen Sheba Village

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 30-0439849