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Thanking the heroes in our hospitals taking care of our friends, family, coworkers and neighbors with their hands and their hearts.


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We hear about it on the news, we see the stories but right here, in Aurora Colorado and the surrounding cities, our nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers, doctors, child life specialists, chaplains, etc are in the thick of some heartbreaking situations.

These are actual texts from friends we have who are on the front line with these patients:

"I hate that family can't see their loved ones before they die.  We are their family."

"I have been taking care of him all day and have just cried and prayed for him at his bedside.  I feel like I'm failing him and I can't do enough to fix him.  It's not fair."

"We're lucky if we get lunch because there are not enough physical bodies of critical care nurses to care for as many patients as we have."

"At the end of my 13+ hour shift, I change out of my scrubs before going home because I'm terrified of bringing this to my family.  I have cried while driving home on more than one occasion.  I enter my house through a door in the basement and go directly to the guest shower.  I don't share a bathroom with anyone."

"I am fearful of my own health while trying to stay healthy to stake care of my patients.  Last night while sleeping I woke to check my temperature twice during the night just because of the anxiety I'm feeling."

"I have cried on the phone relating information to families of patients who are scared, naively hopeful, frustrated, angry and just don't understand.. We are holding hands of the dying because otherwise they die alone."

But then there is this...

"I am honored to be there for these patients and for their families who can't be there for them in this horrific pandemic and time of need.  I will never be the same again, nor will the world."   

Hearing these stories Kyra is stepping into action.  She wants to make some self care packages for these brave people who are going to work every day and doing 'work' that so many of us couldn't imagine doing.  Work they probably didn't imagine they'd be doing.  Care packages that she made a couple years ago for chemo patients were a huge hit so she thought let's do something similar for those on the other side.  Those taking care of these patients, working so hard with their hands and their hearts. 

One thing that we've already done is taken previous donations and purchased fabric and buttons to make headbands with buttons on them to reduce the ear discomfort from constant mask use.  We made kits and put out a call for help to help sew those for us - because sewing is not a talent within our household. :) We have another friend who is testing out 3D printing of mask 'holders' that rest on the back of your head - a little less girly than a headband!  So we want to take these headbands and put together some care packages for these incredible souls.

What are we going to buy for these care packages?

Self care items, hand lotions, lip balm,  grab and go snacks, body and face wipes, dry shampoo, single serve coffee, etc and then Kyra has asked her friends, teammates and family to write notes of encouragement to go into these packages as well.   Because sometimes the words of support, of prayer and of encouragement mean the most.  

EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR of your donations will go towards buying care packages for these workers.  Every.  Single.  Dollar.  And every single dollar counts.  I can get 8 good quality Blistex with your $10.  :) 

We are going to do a one week fundraiser and then assemble at the end of next week to deliver.  We have seven days to make this happen!  Be sure to follow My One Birthday on social media and check out our website at for updates!

My final note is from one of our nurse friends.  She says... "This virus knows no age, and I can stand firm in that statement as both fact and opinion.  Make a change in your daily habits now.  Not to protect yourself but others.  Use the energy you're putting into finding reasons to leave the house and put it instead towards praying for those who may never leave their hospital bed."

Thanks in advance for your support. 

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20 supporters

$1,500 goal

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