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Unity High-Impact Learning Scholarship Fund

Creating social impact by giving underserved students a chance to participate in experiential opportunities!


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Just like hope is not a strategy, preserving our environment is not a local cleanup project.  

 It takes far more than a village to mitigate and prevent the impact of climate change. It takes developing a global workforce that has the skills to reduce waste and emissions, increase conservation and resource responsibly, plus optimize operations sustainably.  

Unity Environmental University is dedicated to training a green workforce that can help companies worldwide contribute to global change needed to move our world’s sustainability forward.  

Currently, Unity has over 6,000 mission-driven students representing every state and over 20 countries who want to make a difference in the world. Most are young working professionals juggling families - 80% are from under-served and low socio-economic populations. 

Your support of the High Impact Learning Fund at Unity Environmental University creates a catalyst ofchange for individuals, families, and economic development in underserved communities. 

High Impact Learning is essential in preparing a climate-ready workforce with immersive, hands-on community learning projects, internships, capstone projects and apprenticeships. To ensure every student at Unity Environmental University has the chance to participate in these experiences, we need the support of individuals who are passionate about climate change and environmental sustainability 

 76% of employers prefer to hire experienced employees for entry-level positions and 56% of internships result in full-time jobs.  

Can we count on you to sponsor a High Impact Learning experience for a student? Unity prioritizes BIPOC and low socio-economic recipients. Your contribution can provide both a social and global impact

Sponsor students like Rienna or Katelyn to participate in hands-on learning programs which are often unpaid and out of reach for working nontraditional students who may have to juggle childcare.

“I always wanted to go to college, but I didn’t want to go out of state as I wanted to be close to my family. I kept looking for programs online and I eventually found Unity and immediately fell in love. Unity offered me my dream degree AND I wouldn’t have to move away from my family.

My future career goal is to continue on my path in the zoological setting as I am currently a Zoological Specialist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The goal is to work for a sanctuary or run a non-profit rescue.”

- Rienna

“I hope to work towards sustainability within my local community of Eastern North Carolina through hands-on projects such as The Living Shoreline Project with the Coastal Federation.”

- Katelyn


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7 Supporters

Unity Environmental University

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