Hispanic Community Resource - COVID-19 Local News Fund

Give to support Visión Hispana as we cover the coronavirus crisis in our communities.

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Local news needs your support


Local news organizations are of vital importance when they serve as a community resource that informs, inspires and connects people. Since 2003, our publication's mission has been one of a community resource that provides actionable information and connects people to community organizations, programs and opportunities. We've also shared many inspiring success stories of people in the community. And we're a key channel for hundreds of community organizations, government agencies and local businesses to connect with the Hispanic community in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Specifically, your contribution through this campaign will support the following initiatives we’re hoping to continue or launch:

- GetStrong Campaign: A new reporting series to not only support people’s mental and physical health re: the pandemic, but to help them achieve a higher state of wellness and become a health leader for their family and community. Empowering, actionable content about diet and lifestyle, strengthening the immune system, stress management, social connectedness, etc.

- Publishing profiles of local businesses that are innovating to survive and thrive

- Publishing profiles of non-profit organizations serving the Bay Area

We are asking for your help to sustain local reporting in our community. We are working to provide the best possible coverage and keep the Hispanic community informed, though we’ve had massive cuts to our revenue stream, and have not received any other form of COVID-related funding (e.g. SBA loans).

If you believe local news and information is critical, especially during this crisis, please donate to this new fund to help keep us on the job. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us continue to cover the pandemic and be a community resource the Hispanic community depends upon.

Hispanic Community Resource - COVID-19 Local News Fund is a program administered by Local Media Foundation, tax ID #36‐4427750, a Section 501(c)(3) charitable trust affiliated with Local Media Association. LMF is raising funds for educational activities; specifically, to educate the public on COVID-19 issues. LMF is providing funds to this news organization and many others to support this important educational project. All money raised by this effort will go directly to support COVID-19 reporting, to make sure the public has essential facts on this important topic.

Campaign Closed

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COVID-19 Local News Fund (via Local Media Foundation)