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Startup Cost Campaign

🌟 Join Our Mission to Transform Education for Students with Autism

The Vision: Houston L.E.A.D. Preparatory Academy (HLPA) is on a mission to redefine educational excellence for K-8 students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our dream is to create an environment where differences are not just accepted but celebrated, and every student is empowered to become a leader in their community.

Why It Matters: Children with ASD often face unique challenges in traditional school settings. HLPA aims to bridge this gap by offering a research-based, inclusive, and adaptive learning experience tailored to each student's strengths and needs.

The Journey So Far: We've made significant strides! Our charter school application is currently under external review, bringing us one step closer to opening our doors. But to turn this dream into a reality, we need your support.

Our Goal: We're raising funds to cover essential startup costs, including:

  • Classroom equipment and educational technology
  • Specialized training for our educators
  • Development of tailored curriculum materials
  • Creation of sensory-friendly learning spaces
  • Initial operational expenses to ensure a smooth start

Your Impact: Every contribution brings us closer to creating a school where ASD students can thrive academically and socially. By supporting our Startup Cost Campaign, you're not just funding a school; you're investing in a future where every child has the opportunity to lead and make a positive impact.

Together, Let's Build a Future Where Every Child Can Shine! 🌟

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