Daphne's 27th Birthday

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Daphne Pariser

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Daphne Pariser


This year I turn 27 and my goal is to raise $10,000 for Humans for Education!

Over the past two years, the success of Humans for Education has really amazed me! 

Humans for Education started with the belief that ordinary people can make extraordinary differences and that every child deserves the right to a quality education.

This sentiment has been proven over-and-over again, as our amazing donors have stepped up to help out. One child, Avery, has spent the past two years making Jewelry for us and has raised nearly $120! This $120 has help 12 students get school supplies for an entire semester!! Every single penny that is donated affects the children's lives that we work with. Our programs have proven so successful that we have a waiting list of schools who want to work with us. 

All of this success is because of the donors who have made it possible for us to open 3 schools!!! 

You are the real Heroes

Want to see the success you will make happen?


James Jernigan made a donation

2 months ago


James Jernigan made a donation

2 months ago


Avery made a donation

1 year ago


We hope you had a great birthday, Daphne! Here is another donation from Avery's jewelry business. We appreciate all that you are doing to make a the world a better place for so many!

Danny Tore made a donation

1 year ago


So impressed!!

Lynn A Novatt made a donation

1 year ago


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are doing wonderful things with your young life!

Coco made a donation

1 year ago


I'm a friend of Ulf's and saw his post. You are truly inspiring! Thank you for doing what you do! Happy Birthday!

Ed & Teresa made a donation

1 year ago


Happy 27th Birthday Daphne!

Andrew Brady made a donation

1 year ago


So inspired by the work you're doing and the incredible impact you're having on the world. It was truly an honor to have you on the podcast. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you and for H4E! Never hesitate to reach out if there is any way I can help!

Michelle Cicilline and Craig Morrell made a donation

1 year ago


Dear Daphne, You inspire us immensely! We hope you have a wonderful birthday! Love, Michelle and Craig

Alan And Sondra made a donation

1 year ago


So proud of you Dr. Pariser and so glad to contribute to such a worthy cause !!!

Paulette & William Cheverie made a donation

1 year ago


Daphne Pariser received a new donation from Myrna Atha

1 year ago


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