Home-y Made Meals

When Covid-19 crept in and disrupted our personal and communal lives, we received stay-at-home orders. Our unhoused neighbors stayed at home, outside, directly facing multitudes of insecurities. While we started fighting for toilet paper, they continued struggling for survival. Homelessness endured with greater visibility.As the impact of homelessness magnified, Eayikes, a collective manifesting social connection beyond physical touch, and Polo’s Pantry, a respectfully prominent mobile food pantry, joined hands. Together, we sought to address, replenish, and reallocate the displacement of resources— specifically food. Our intentions to proximate ourselves to homelessness and close gaps between them and us resulted in Home-y Made Meals (HMM).

HMM is a 100% people-powered initiative adapted to the safety measures required during Covid-19. Within the safety and comfort of their homes, volunteers from all around Southern California prepare, deliver, and serve homemade meals every day. Partnering with shelters and coalitions, we have moved past merely existing as a project. We are a community— a network of networks— a family founded and bounded by food.

By serving homemade meals to low-income communities every day, Home-y Made Meals seizes the power of food to nourish our unhoused neighbors, move people towards action, and synthesize tangible solutions supplanting segregation. We practice relational work in food justice, prioritizing accessibility and adaptability to protect the ones we serve and the ones serving.

Organized by Eayikes
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 46-2395125
[email protected]