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Soaring Spirits International provides peer-based programs, community, and resources for widowed people worldwide.  We spent the last year innovating new virtual programs to bring our community together during a time of isolation. These programs have proven the power of connection via the virtual vehicle, and we are committed to sustaining them as part of our ongoing programming, but there's one issue - we need funding in order to sustain them!

Cue the 2021 Telethon for Hope, a 14-hour telethon-style fundraising event aimed at providing entertainment, connection, and the necessary funds to keep these programs running! Join us on June 4th from 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM PDT right here for an endless stream of talent, community connections, and most importantly, HOPE.

Join our fundraising team!
 If you believe in the mission of Soaring Spirits and would like to join us in our fundraising efforts, we would love to have you! In addition to the telethon, we'll be hosting a red carpet awards show on Saturday, June 5th right here on the page celebrating the teams who participated in raising funds for the event! Voted on by our Board of Directors, we'll be highlighting the teams who:

  • Have the most creative team name
  • Share the most compelling story about why Soaring Spirits is important to them
  • Have the most supporters
  • Raise the most money
  • Raffle prize for all teams who participate

Thank you for your support of Soaring Spirits - we couldn't do this important work without you!

THANK YOU, SPONSORS! Soaring Spirits is immensely grateful for the support of our Hope Rises Sponsors, without whom the work of Soaring Spirits would not be possible. We invite all Hope Rises participants to check out the work that our sponsors are doing in the world - they're pretty incredible businesses and organizations with whom we are honored to be partnered.




242 supporters

$100,000 goal

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