Horse SenseAbility is a therapeutic riding & horsemanship center in Sherborn, MA. Our primary focus is working with young people with psychological, social, behavioral, learning and/or physical challenges. We offer services for children and young adults who:

--Have experienced trauma, abuse and/or neglect
--Struggle with anxiety and/or depression
--Have autism spectrum disorder
--Have been in foster care
--Are growing up in stressful economic circumstances, or
--Have a physical disability or genetic disorder

We have 7 core programs:

--Therapeutic riding and horsemanship lessons for children 4+ years old
--Stable Moments mentoring program for children who have been in foster care
--City to Saddle summer program for children living in difficult economic circumstances
--Wildstar Wranglers for young adults with autism who are transitioning from school to the workplace
--Physical therapy sessions involving horses children 2+ years old
--Community visits with Hugo the therapy pony to local schools and organizations

Horse SenseAbility

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 82-2801705