$10K Horse Race

Cheer the thundering herd as they race to raise $10K for Hold Your Horses!


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Rose and Ida will be your virtual guides for our second annual $10K horse race and derby fun. Place your bets with a supporting donation to your favorite horse. Therapy horses don't win with speed they win our hearts with healing and love so show your support for their good work.

All funds raised during this event will support work at the farm. We are currently in need of roof repairs to keep the wet out of the barn during the spring rains. Plus this exciting news! When we reach $10k dollars donated HYH will receive a $5000 donation from a mystery supporter. Help us reach our goal and support HYH!

Support your horse to win: Now through May 7
Winner announced: May 9th

About HYH:
Hold Your Horses offers therapy services at our peaceful, 69 acre farm in Greenfield, Minnesota. We are dedicated to providing services that help our clients achieve wellness and increase their quality of life through skill development, empowerment and joy. Our two-legged and four-legged teams provide opportunities at the farm that help people experience the physical, cognitive and sensory benefits of therapy with the help of a horse.

Grab a seat and some snacks and learn about HYH in this 10 minute video.

Campaign Ended


97 supporters

$10,000 goal

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EIN 27-5312055