How To Get Into A Top School

Join our free webinar to learn about how to get involved in extracurriculars that can lead to your success in the college application process.

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How To Get Into A Top School

Monday at 5:00 PM EST

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About the Webinar:

Join the founders and Executive Director/CEO's of the organization's Nest4US, General Services Foundation, & For Young By Young on their journey's through service and how it is impacted the college application process and getting into top schools. Learn more on how to find your passion project, how to weave your extracurriculars into your college application, how to get involved in local organizations that can help you with your extracurriculars, and find some amazing resources to help you on your journey.

About the Speakers:

Shreyaa Venkat - Shreeya is a sophomore at Georgetown University. She has been the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Nest4Us for the past 5 years. Nest4Us is an organization formed as a philanthropic platform built upon kindness, generosity, and social good. Through five core programs, Nest4Us addresses 14+ of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sonali Ratnasinghe - Sonali is a high schooler senior assisting high schoolers through their journey through service. As the founder and Executive Director of General Services Foundation, it is her job to assist high schoolers in executing service projects (drives, fundraisers, research, and internships) for nonprofits. While doing so, she connects with Triangle nonprofits and those across the country (30+ partners), to see how high schoolers can best support their mission. Sonali has been able to assist students in planning over 50 drives, 30 fundraisers, 10 nonprofit events, and 10 internships locally.

Sai Maradugu - Sai is a high school senior running For Young By Young (FYBY). Their mission is to provide free high-quality tutoring and strive to make sure no student is denied this service simply due to the cost. He has been able to serve over 1,700 students through FYBY's tutoring programs, coordinated over 1,700 volunteers, and has helped save an estimated $1.7 million in tutoring costs.


This webinar is supported by General Services Foundation, mobilizing high schoolers by providing them with guidance and monetary support to execute fundraisers, drives, and events for nonprofits they are passionate about in their local and global communities.

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