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Provide scholarships to elementary Students for our after-school program for fall 2022


Your donation goes to help cover the program costs for children in elementary grades pk - 6th grade. This is provided in the form of a scholarship.

Find out how the program supports the child: 

How does our organizations activities demonstrate best practices in OST activities?

Little Rams was designed to promote positive youth development and offer a safe place were kids can explore their athletic abilities and enjoy their time with friends. Our program has a fun professional development curriculum established to cater to two separate age groups, so the child has room to grow within the program each year while in their elementary school. As our program offers games, each season is unique and fun which is why our current monthly return rate is nearly 87% (children having stayed in our program from September – May). Our program aligns with TEKS by helping to promote consistency, physical activity and social development each school year for the child.

  • Helps to support a safe place
  • Supports Working Families
  • Supports Social and Emotional Learning
  • Helps Encourage Physical Activity
  • Helps Encourage School Participation
  • Child Program Benefits

Academic Assistance Participation in our afterschool program can help influence academic assistance in several ways. This includes but is not limited to, better attitudes toward school and higher educational ambitions; higher attendance rates and lower tardiness rates; better performance in school, measured by test scores and grades; improved homework completion; less disciplinary action, such as suspension; lower dropout rates; and a deeper engagement in learning. 

Enrichment Benefits of our after school enrichment program include, Increased Interest In Learning Our program can help support the students interest in learning by introducing a class to them that engages their interest. Higher Motivation Students are more motivated to succeed when they feel challenged. In our enrichment program, coaches continually present students with concepts that both challenge and engage them, resulting in higher overall motivation.

Family Engagement Our program increases family engagement in a few ways. All seasonal games, parents and family are able to come out and support their child/children on the sidelines of the field as they play against other teams. The games are a huge deal for parents as for many of them its their first time watching their child compete, it’s a lot of fun and a wonderful experience for both child and family. Our organization also offers parents the options to join family game nights where the whole family can come out and watch their coaches play in a real professional game. Many also are active on our socials and follow the men’s side of soccer which excites them to know they are apart of. 

College and Career Reediness Our after-school program can help expose students to potential sporting careers through offering a pathway to college/pro soccer. Many of our current players receive college scholarships through soccer as our club is currently the 2nd highest competing division in Austin and works within a professional development model. Everything from our athletes coaching, to families watching their coaches play in games helps build inspiration. Bringing a soccer program to the schools really helps offer a professional curriculum to parents who may not have ever put their children in the sport, however since it was more affordable and accessible to their working schedules at their child’s campus, those children now have the chance to explore the opportunity of being in soccer. This helps clubs like ours identify players from all backgrounds at all age levels to provide supporting opportunities. 

(TEKS) Little Rams aligns with TEKS through physical education. The kids in the program work on movement through the fundamentals of soccer, passing, striking, stopping, dribbling the soccer ball up and down a designated area and in pattern movements. Learning how to pace their moves, balance their weight, work on coordination, moving around others without bumping into them. They also learn how to safely play the sport, focusing on the space around and using their team mates to help pass the ball to when someone gets close by. The program is great for social development, following the coaches’ instructions, demonstrating the ability to play within set boundary’s the coaches set up with cones and soccer goals. They learn to work together and coordinate as a team, passing the ball to one another, sharing and working towards the same goal. This helps to also display character in the kids, good sportsmanship and teach respect in a safe space. Soccer is great fun but also helps support a healthy lifestyle by keeping the kids active and moving through exercise on a consistent basis. It also showcases great responsibility and commitment from the students in keeping a schedule to arrive each week to class on time and maintaining involvement in this physical activity.


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