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Immigrant History Initiative is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization, and donations are 100% tax-deductible.

At Immigrant History Initiative, we aim to transform the way communities learn about race, migration and justice. We fill in the blank white spaces in school textbooks where the histories of immigrant communities have been systemically erased and whitewashed. We amplify the voices of the communities of color who have been silenced, forgotten, or co-opted. In short, we work to create a better future by teaching people about our past.

We believe our work is transformative. A boy who learns the stories of his ancestors in America discovers his own belonging in a country that sees him as foreign. A neighbor who understands how historical forces have pitted communities of color against one another re-envisions the collective power her neighborhood can have if they stand together. Learning history means understanding where we came from and how we got here, and it also helps us invent better ways of moving forward. Through anti-racist curriculum development and community education programs, Immigrant History Initiative is trying to build the world we deserve, one step at a time. To do that, we need your help.

Since IHI's founding, co-founders Julia and Kathy have been growing IHI on a shoestring budget, using small individual donations and grants to keep expanding our impact. Despite the limited funds, we’ve managed to reach thousands through our educational resources and community outreach efforts. In the last two years, we have:

  • Formed a community teaching partnership with the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
  • ​Designed lesson plans for PBS Learning Media to use in conjunction with the PBS documentary Asian Americans
  • Launched a public awareness campaign around anti-Asian violence in the COVID-19 pandemic, 
  • ​Led several webinars and events with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, and more
  • Received a grant from Connecticut Humanities to design and lead a parent workshop on talking with children about racism and Asian American identity, to be held in January 2021

IHI tackles difficult topics and creates resources to meet oft-ignored needs. Your donation will help us sustain our work and transform the lives of thousands more. Thank you for giving.


Julia Wang received a new donation from Michelle Guo

1 day ago


Kathy Lu received a new donation from Sam Siu

1 day ago


Pavel Shibayev made a donation

1 day ago


Thank you for this important work!

Kathy Lu received a new donation from Kirk, Lucy, Willow, & Vincent Chen

1 day ago


For my family's history... Thank you for this important work. Saw the post on AHN, and I had to contribute. Keep it up!

John Ting made a donation

1 day ago


Thank you for putting your heart and soul into keeping the history for future generations.

Song made a donation

1 day ago


Thank you for all you do, I'm so thrilled to find voice that makes me feel that I'm not alone. 💖

Kathy Lu received a new donation from Cynthia Koo

1 day ago


Julia Wang received a new donation from Lisa & David Lachowicz

1 day ago


Thanks for your hard work on this important initiative!

Rita made a donation

2 days ago


Thank you for all you do and looking forward to what you build in the future! ❤️

Kathy Lu received a new donation from Peter Fan

2 days ago


Saw this on AHN, think your non-profit's mission is super important!

Matt Bewley received a new donation from Lynn Arneson

2 days ago


Vay Cao made a donation

2 days ago


Love this initiative!

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