Giving Tiers


1. Community Supporter - $100

Impact: Helps facilitate smaller community projects ensuring ongoing local support activities.

2. Foundation Builder - $500

Impact: Contributes to essential services like the Professional Center, which provides collaborative office spaces for local helping organizations.

3. Visionary Partner - $1,000

Impact: Supports broader initiatives like the Deliberative Dialogue and programs that empower local leaders and foster community solutions.

4. Impact Champion - $2,500

Impact: Funds significant aspects of Impact Clay’s outreach and community services, enhancing the ability to meet the community's needs effectively.

5. Legacy Leader - $5,000

Impact: Enables substantial projects and community transformations, directly affecting large-scale improvements and supporting extensive community services.


Why Give?


Empowering Community Solutions

At Impact Clay, we believe in the power of unity to advance sustainable changes and improvements within Clay County. Each contribution to our organization goes directly into community projects and initiatives designed to address urgent needs and build a resilient community infrastructure.


Broad Impact Across Sectors

Your donations support various projects that bring together the private, public, nonprofit, and faith-based sectors. This collaboration ensures that resources are maximized and that solutions are comprehensive and inclusive. From affordable housing and addressing food insecurity to improving medical care and transportation solutions, your support helps tackle the most pressing challenges facing our community​.


Investing in Leadership

Contributions also empower local leaders through training and development opportunities like the Global Leadership Summit. By investing in our leaders, you're investing in the future of Clay County, equipping those who can make a difference with the tools they need to lead effectively and ethically​.


A Legacy of Change

Donors become integral parts of a legacy of transformation in Clay County. By choosing to support Impact Clay, you are choosing to stand with an organization that places community at the heart of its mission, striving to ensure every family and individual receives the support they need to thrive.


Join Us

Together, we can continue to build a stronger, more connected Clay County. Your donation, no matter the size, contributes to a greater impact. Join us in making a difference today and for generations to come.



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