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Intercepting Horses from Auction

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We are currently trying to raise funds for the monthly upcoming horse sales .  The sales will be held locally and while there will be many nice horses who will go for sizable amounts and be in no danger of being sent to a kill buyer, there will inevitably be many who are unwanted due to lack of care or poor health, we are hoping to be able to bring back at least 4 this summer but can only do so with support from caring souls like you. We are equipped to bring back 8 of these horses but only if the funds allow.  Please help us help them!  We will keep you posted before, during and after the sales.

 Our rescue program saves horses that are at risk of shipping to slaughter. Most of our horses come from a local auction. Horses sold at auctions are at great risk of being purchased for their meat. TSETVA outbids kill buyers, flippers, and traders to ensure that the horses are safe and will no longer be unwanted. While there are no horse slaughter facilities in the United States, thousands of American horses are slaughtered annually in Mexico and Canada. Kill buyers aka meat buyers attend auctions where they can pick up unwanted horses cheap and load their trucks. Kill buyers who own feedlots will also hold the horses over on the feedlots making some available for purchase to the public. The feedlot owner charges a high price, but know that good hearted people will pay the ransom in order to spare the horses from slaughter. This way of business is a cash cow for feedlot owners. The huge profits made from feedlot horses, fuels the continued purchase of more innocent horses. The reality with feedlot horses is that for every one saved, another 2-3 will die in it's place. That is how the dirty business is done. Horses are crammed into trucks and transported to the borders, sometimes for days with no rest, food or water. The feedlots are over crowded and are often rampant disease such as Strangles. Neither situation is good. TSETVA attends it's local auction to intercept horses before they end up in the slaughter pipeline. Once in the care of TSETVA, horses are rehabilitated, re-trained if needed, fully vetted, work with the youth from the mentoring program, and are either used in our Therapy program or if they are best suited for a different environment, they are adopted to loving forever homes on contract.


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