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We are beyond proud of what Ed Voters has helped make happen over the past twelve months.

The PA budget passed with a historic increased investment of $1 billion in public education funding, including $225 million allocated through the Level Up initiative.


The landmark education funding lawsuit wrapped up after months of testimony and argumentation. Through wide-reaching grassroots campaigns, Ed Voters was able to spread awareness of this lawsuit through numerous communities, supercharging citizen engagement and cultivating new advocates for public education statewide.YQbKOjyTVn8VXwISmX7cCL1NOWSPf9nCaxOcQenS.png

We launched our issues advocacy training series, a digital course available for free through our website, this September. The self-paced course of videos, handouts, activities, resources, and quizzes allows anyone to learn the ropes and become an advocate for public education.


We fought for additional transparency and accountability in the cyber charter school sector and we are supporting advocates in their fight against extremists who are working to undermine public education.


We are deeply grateful to have seen some of our most ambitious and difficult fights yet come to fruition. But there is so much more we have to do. And we need your support to do it.

So I ask you to give today not just on behalf of Ed Voters as an organization, but on behalf of the ones we’re fighting so hard to serve: the students.

Students like Cecilia, who must share access to a single guidance counselor with 900 other elementary school students. Students like Lisa, whose school’s facilities are so derelict that “kids are more focused on trying to get themselves warm than trying to learn.” Students like the 75 kindergarteners in Panther Valley School District sharing a single toilet. Students who think that basic amenities like bathroom stall doors, working sinks, and functioning vents only exist on TV.


Students are the reason we work so hard. Through all the bureaucracy and Harrisburg gridlock, through all the long days of organizing and rallying, they are what sustains our drive and passion. The generous support of our donors is what makes that possible. Without you, we simply would not have the means and the resources to act on that mission day in and day out.

On behalf of Ed Voters, but more importantly, on behalf of those students, and all students across Pennsylvania, we thank you and look forward to more victories and breakthroughs to come with your renewed support.



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9 Supporters

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