DANCING IN-BETWEEN: Asian Jewish Haggadah 5783 (2023 Edition)

Experience DANCING IN-BETWEEN, The LUNAR Collective's 5783 Haggadah. Created by a committee of 17 Asian Jews, this new Haggadah is a joyful celebration of being both Asian and Jewish amidst powerful Passover rituals.

In this year’s Haggadah theme, Dancing In-Between, we interpret the parting of the Red Sea as our two identities, being Asian and Jewish. We, like the Israelites, walked in the in-between. But we are not alone; we are with each other, and we are dancing, and singing in doing so.

LUNAR is a small grassroots organization that values equity and livable compensation for our Asian Jewish team. Thank you for supporting The LUNAR Collective and our committee members’ hard work on the Haggadah with a sliding scale donation to access this resource.

Note: After donating, download the Haggadah at the link in your email receipt!

Organized by The LUNAR Collective
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