We Bee Spelling: Live at Dante Hall!

A Live Comedy Game Show to Support the Arts

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We Bee Spelling: Live in Atlantic City!

Thursday at 7:30 PM EST

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Add to Calendar 2018-11-08 19:30:00 America/New_York We Bee Spelling: Live in Atlantic City! Doors: 7:30pm, Show: 8:00pm. Donation of at least $20 offer admission to event, Nov. 8. Dante Hall<br> 14 N. Mississippi Ave. Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Doors: 7:30pm, Show: 8:00pm. Donation of at least $20 offer admission to event, Nov. 8.


We Bee Spelling is what happens when you combine a late night variety show and a spelling bee. Part Japanese game show, part improv comedy and all sorts of crazy, this comedy game show is full of energy, backed by house band Andy Frasco and the UN and comedian hosts Ahri Findling (Comedy Central) and Alex Greer. Contestants compete for academic glory... not just spelling words, but facing off in messy head-to-head games, performing on the spot talent shows, and dealing with the audience as they "sabotage" spellers, forcing them to spell words backwards, take mystery shots and battle other distractions while showing off their skills. It's like the Scripps Spelling Bee for class clowns. 

What are we Fundraising for?

We Bee Spelling is a fundraiser supporting the arts in Atlantic City. The proceeds of the event will benefit programming at the Noyes Museum and the development of an artist residency/artist workshop program in partnership with the Noyes that will benefit the residents and visitors of Atlantic City. The fundraising aspect of the event is more than ticket sales and requires participants to help raise awareness and donations, but it's VERY EASY...

How Does Fundraising Work?

We Bee Spelling makes fundraising simple. Each fundraising team has it's own fundraising page on this event page. Members of each fundraising team can copy and paste their team's custom URL (found by clicking the arrow icon next to the "Donate" button under their team name) and share it via social media, email, text to friends, family, coworkers and extended networks. When people make donations and buy tickets on this site, your team is credited. And there's an incentive to raise the most money: The TOP 10 fundraising teams will get to enter a representative in the spelling bee on Nov. 8 at Dante Hall. The spellers will compete for ultimate bragging rights!

What If Our Team Isn't Top 10?

Even if you're not Top 10, you're still a part of the show. For your fundraising efforts, you'll receive a SABOTAGE. The Sabotage is the audience's way of influencing the competition. You'll be able to force spellers to take mystery shots, spell words backwards, make acronyms out of words, and deal with other distractions while attempting to spell. In fact, for some people, being a "saboteur" is a lot more fun than having to deal with the pressure of getting on stage and spelling. You get to sit back with the opportunity to take out a speller from the competition. That's right ALL the fun, none of the nerves... pretty, pretty good.


Donate & Tickets

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Campaign Ended


71 Supporters

45% of $12,000 goal

Alex Greer