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Please support The Warehouse NJ and the amazing work we are doing to provide second chances. 

The Warehouse NJ is a non-profit that provides furniture and household items to individuals and families that are transitioning out of homelessness and into a new home. We collect gently used furniture, decor and household items from the surrounding communities and store these items in our NEW warehouse. Once our clients have secured their new space, we meet to assess their needs, select furniture, and finalize the details of the move. To date, The Warehouse NJ has moved in over 250 clients throughout Newark, Elizabeth, Morristown, the Oranges and Jersey City! In the past 3 months, we've helped furnish apartments for 17 refugee families from Afghanistan and Syria and aided 12 families who lost their furniture to the flooding from Hurricane Ida. 

In order to continue with our mission, we need your financial support. 100% of the funds raised will be used to cover our charity expenses; in the last year alone we rented 125 U-Haul trucks and purchased 110 new mattresses and frames. I am also happy to share that we have finally moved in to our new warehouse space in Orange, NJ! It has been a busy year for The Warehouse NJ.

Please consider a financial donation towards The Warehouse NJ. Naomi Eisenberger of The Good People Fund has generously offered again this year to match the first $7,500 donated!  We thank Naomi for her continued support of the work we are doing.

For more information please visit, Thank you in advance for your support!

Kim Sleeman, Founder and Executive Director

Pictures from some of our most recent moves...

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