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National Shut'em Down Demonstrations: In the spirit of Abolition on the historical dates of August 21st and September 9th, 2021 organizers must highlight prisoners’ historical struggles, and the current political struggles to dismantle the prison industrial slave complex. Jailhouse Lawyers Speak nation membership is calling for mass outside demonstrations.

In order to support the organizing of these demos and the work beyond, volunteers are helping us fundraise  for inside comrades.

We chose this platform to encourage people to become monthly donors. All funds raised here go directly to inside organizers taking on the risk of these actions around the country, and dealing with the consequences after. 

Specific locations: ICE, jails, prisons, and higher learning institutions. (With regards to higher learning  institutions we are pointing towards the learning institutions with connections to prison labor).

A few states may already have specific ongoing campaigns that directly speak to decarceration or closing down a prison or jail. Efforts should be made to network to boost those campaigns on these dates at the recommended locations. With everyone working across the nation on the same days, this would magnify our struggle for humanity and highlight specific state related campaigns. These “Shut’em Down” demonstrations should serve as a wake up call to every person in this nation that the current jailing path does
not work and it’s time to end it.




145 supporters

$25,000 goal

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