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JM Boys Soccer Team



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We did it! We raised all the money we need for new JM Boys Soccer uniforms. EVERY PLAYER will receive matching jerseys and shorts PLUS free socks, free practice shirts and free warmup jackets in Fall 2023.  

We're Not Done Yet

Our boys still have some basic needs that aren't being met.  Your donation will help us fuel their bodies and protect them from the elements:

One Season (Away Games Only)

  • Hungry = $5,800 for sandwiches 
  • Hungry = $2,800 for snacks 
  • Thirsty = $1,100 for water and sport drinks

Multiple Seasons

  • Hot or Wet = $1,500 for 3 pop-up canopies
  • Cold = $3,000 for 26 long insulated jackets (varsity section games)

Everything Helps

Click the "Donate" button to give money by credit card.  If you are a business and would like to make an in-kind donation, contact:  

Kelly Schoeberl, President
John Marshall Boys Soccer Booster Club
[email protected]



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John Marshall Boys Soccer Booster Club