Word In Black Racial Equity Fund

The Word In Black Racial Equity Fund, a component fund of Local Media Foundation, supports the work of Black-owned and operated local news media by providing critical journalism resources for Word In Black, a collaborative effort of 10 leading Black publishers.

Soon after the murder of George Floyd in 2020, Local Media Foundation established the Fund, originally called the Fund for Black Journalism. In the months after launch, donations to the Fund provided resources for LMF and 10 of the nation’s leading Black-owned local news organizations — AFRO News, The Atlanta Voice, Dallas Weekly, Houston Defender, Michigan Chronicle, New York Amsterdam News, Sacramento Observer, Seattle Medium, St. Louis American, and Washington Informer — to establish Word In Black.

Word In Black is a digital startup unlike any other in the news media industry. It is the only national brand backed by legacy Black-owned news publishers, with strong histories and deep trust in their communities. Word In Black started small, with limited funding, and has grown quickly over the past few years.

The Word In Black Racial Equity Fund supports journalism projects focused on solutions to racial inequities. Funding generally supports journalists who work for Word In Black, as well as journalists working for the 10 publishers. The Fund currently covers costs of 10 Word In Black journalists: an education reporter, education data journalist, health reporter, health data journalist, newsletter editor, climate justice reporter, community and audience engagement manager, finance reporter, religion reporter and the managing editor. The 10 publishers work with the WIB team to localize the stories in their markets, as well as producing their own original reporting.


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