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Please help us raise money for our Scholarship Fund! 

We create lawyers who lead, mentor, and inspire one student at a time. 

We are essential for diverse law students because we provide emotional and financial support!  Join us on our mission by donating today to help students get a cash scholarship, mentor, training, and more! The legal field does not currently reflect the community it serves. 

Want to be a part of the solution? Donate today to an organization taking actionable steps to diversify the legal profession by preparing students to take on leadership roles, strengthen their resilience, remove obstacles to achievement, and provide support beyond graduation.


Please don't take our word for it. Here's what our students  have to say about the program:

When asked, “Did you gain from this program what you hoped you would? Why or why not?” they responded:

Yes, I did. While interning for Journey to Esquire as the Blog Editor, I truly enjoyed learning more about the program's mission: IDEALS. Professor Hardrick also connected me with Judge Bagge-Hernandez, and he has been an incredible mentor thus far. I enjoyed listening to and learning from the presenters during the Saturday modules as well.

Since I started law school, I've had this overwhelming feeling of inadequacy. I've felt as if I'm not competent enough to be a lawyer or that I don't have the innate skills that would make me a "good" lawyer or advocate. In joining JTE, I hoped that I would be able to see more attorneys that were maybe once in my shoes or once felt similar to how I feel and that are now successful and have gone on to inspire students like myself. I hoped to be able to be vulnerable in a safe space. I hoped to gain invaluable and practical skills you can't gain from reading a case book. I can confidently say that all of my expectations were met, and I truly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this program!

Yes, as a first-generation law student, I lacked the information that I needed to get into a clerkship or big firm; I had never seen it as an option for me. JTE has given me the confidence boost to feel like I can achieve a job in these places. I am not excluded. The modules and the guest speakers had the best information one can get while in law school.

I gained more from this program than I could have ever expected. I learned so much about navigating the legal field successfully while being aware of your mental health. I received so many resources for bar prep, and I have met in person a few attorneys I met in this program.

Yes. I was able to gain new contacts with attorneys that look like me.

Yes! This program gave me: (1) tools to understand how to maximize my success as a law student, (2) a network of support to help me with my law school journey to esquire and beyond, and (3) confidence in my ability to be successful as a lawyer. The modules and Saturday meet-ups were a perfect complement to my academic studies, and I'll be forever grateful for this program.

Yes, I did. When I first learned about this program, I knew that this program could help me become the lawyer I knew I could be. Participating in this program has helped me land very helpful mentorships. It has also helped me prepare for the bar exam, and it has helped me with various resources that can help me prepare for the bar exam. Through each workshop, I have learned how to transition between law school and my career.

Yes. I am now more confident overall and feel empowered to seize my future


Yes, coming into this program, I wanted to gain more insight into being a minority lawyer. This program allowed me to listen and talk to other law students and practicing attorneys, which gave me different viewpoints on many different topics.

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