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"Made in Stone" is our very first, and very special baby


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Anchovy Press is an independent book publishing venture based in Baltimore that centers the BIPOC experiences in children's storytelling. We are seeking your support to produce and publish our first book, Made in Stone, in collaboration with the Nashville-based collective, Uncolonial History. 

Made in Stone tells the story of Jamila or Jam-Jam, a young girl in Nashville who is examining her understanding of Confederate statues in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020.

We believe in telling a story right -- which is why this book has been 2+ years in the making, and has been rescripted and redrawn through multiple drafts. We're currently working on the third and final draft of the book, more vibrant and joyful than earlier versions, and we can't wait to share it with you! 


Version 1, from 2019-20


Version 2: working pages


Your donation will go directly to production costs for Made in Stone! It is our first publication and we want it to look and feel special. We are working to ensure that every part of the book is gorgeously illustrated, beautifully printed and carefully assembled -- lush colors, great quality paper, solid binding. 

Your contribution would ensure we don’t compromise on quality when it comes to producing our first book! It would also support us in starting a whole new chapter in children’s book publishing: independent, small-scale, ethical, minority-owned.

**We are offering perks for donation tiers, listed below!**

Donate $500 or more: You get a special dedication in our printed book because that's how awesome you are!

Donate $200: You get a one-of-a-kind art print made by teaching artists and Anchovy co-founders Rebecca Ma and Priyanka K. We make art and we'd love to make you something unique, just for you!

Donate $100: You get a custom Anchovy tote bag with mystery goodies + a custom 8 x 10 Anchovy print!

Donate $50: You get a custom Anchovy 8 x 10 print! 

Donate $20: You get a custom Anchovy printed postcard mailed to you!

Donate $10: Shoutout on all our socials!

Please help us move closer to realizing this project in its entirety -- Anchovy depends on you and is grateful for any amount you can contribute. We strongly believe that it takes a community to build a story.


In 2019, for the first time in US history, census data showed that more than half of the nation’s population under 16 identified as a racial or ethnic minority; by 2045, almost half the total population will identify as a person of color. However, in the same year, more books that featured an animal as a main character were published than books that feature a Black, Latinx, Asian or Indigenous child.

The demographics in our country are changing, but as you can see, our stories aren’t. The children’s publishing industry is still overwhelmingly white. BIPOC folx just are not present in the decision-making processes, and this leads us to insular and preachy books about race.

Anchovy wants to change this. We are minority owned, minority operated, and we are taking control of our narrative!



Share Fundraiser


32 Supporters

24% of $12,000 goal

Anchovy Press