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Berto Boyd Heal Up

"My dear friends, for over 30 years, I have been a full-time self-employed musician, dedicating my life to the artistry of the Spanish guitar in search of the elusive 'Duendes' or 'Magical Moments'. As a concert musician and composer, I have the amazing job of transporting audiences into a space of musical healing and conductivity. I feel a great sense of respect and responsibility for the music I make, and an urgent desire to continue my work and fulfill my musical legacy.

However, my career has hit a major setback. On April 28th, I underwent carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. Sadly, I sustained nerve damage from the carpentry work I was doing while preparing my house for sale. This temporary career switch turned deadly for my fine precision guitar hands. Sadly, I had to learn that Hands like mine that have spent a lifetime perfecting scales and arpeggios,  shouldn’t be doing this kind of work! I essentially turned my 2021 diagnosis of “Mild” carpal tunnel to “Severe” requiring immediate surgery.

Due to this, I am unable to earn an income outside of a few private music students until my hands have fully recovered. In 2021, I experienced numbness in my left hand (fretting hand) that almost prevented me from fulfilling my concert obligations, but I was able to eradicate it through a plant-based diet. This time, however, is different, and I am already in the middle of the whole recovery process. I still have to schedule the same surgery for my other hand and will now spend the rest of 2023 unable to perform and, in turn, earn an income. I am behind on many important bills, and with the financial impact Covid put on my concert career, I am now in a state of financial crisis.

The life of an artist is challenging, to say the least, yet it hands me another “life lesson”. Ha! I shall not “fret” though, for the moment, I will prevail with the help of YOU, my beloved friends and supporters!

Your donation to my Givebutter campaign will help me cover the financial strain during this momentary pause in my concert career. My doctor said I have a 90% chance of recovery, but it will take time. With your help, I can soon continue pursuing my passion for music and bringing joy to audiences for many decades to come. Thank you all SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart for your support.

Paz, Amor y Música!

Berto Boyd

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