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Dear Fellow sloth lover,

We’d like you to help us with running the first Great Sloth Run, a 5k event to raise fund to benefit the conservation of sloths through our partner, the Sloth Conservation Foundation.

Sloths are a charismatic animal that are facing numerous threats, and they are largely human caused. Deforestation, inbreeding, exploitation for the tourist/pet trade just to name a few issues. On top of that, there is little research on overall sloth populations, making it difficult to know the conservation status of different species across different countries.

If you're reading this, then you have already registered for the Great Sloth Run on November 3rd. Givebutter is going to  be our fundraising partner for this event. We're asking everyone to raise a minimum of $200 USD for this run, but ideally $300 to have the maximum impact possible for sloth conservation. Together, we can make a direct difference for sloths. See you on the 3rd!


The Great Sloth Run Team


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11 months ago

Go Sloths Go!! Enjoy!

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1 year ago


Great cause!

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1 year ago


Go Jen!!!

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