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Kai Entrepreneurship (or Kai for short) is based out of Wesleyan University in Middletown CT. We're a completely student run 501(c)(3) non-profit (in formation) organization that creates programs and highlights existing programs that promote openness, inclusion, and community in tech and social entrepreneurship. Our focus on these principles springs from the troubling lack of diversity in the current entrepreneurship world and the technology industry overall, and we see college as an ideal time to encourage people of all interests and backgrounds to get involved. Please help us continue provide these programs!!


Kai Entrepreneurship inspires and prepares liberal arts students to pursue careers in social and tech entrepreneurship. We bridge the skills gap so students can succeed. 


1. Openness. All funded events and meetings have a substantial portion of the time open to the public.

2. Inclusion. Membership is inclusive, and active efforts are made to recruit women and minorities. 

3. Community. Competition and collaboration among projects and groups are encouraged and celebrated. 

Here are some of the awesome programs we've organized so far!

Please help us promote our mission and continue organizing these great programs and networking opportunities!

-- Sincerely, The Kai Team ðŸ’•

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