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Each Mentor is responsible for raising a minimum of $130 for scholarships benefiting under-served, college-bound high schoolers from North Hollywood

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The Mentorship Program at UCLA (“MSHIP”) pairs UCLA students with children aged 7 to 17 from an underserved area of North Hollywood. Through coordinated events and mutual interests, each pair has the opportunity to form a unique one-on-one relationship and to make bonds within the diverse mentorship community, which comprises roughly 110 Mentor-Mentee pairs. Mentorship aims to support the personal development of both the mentors and mentees through engaging and creative programs. Mentors act to support and empower their mentee to further discover and follow their passions, gain a greater understanding of the world around them, and pursue higher education! Collectively, our Mentors fundraise every year so that we can provide scholarships to college-bound high schoolers in our program. Last year, we raised $9,000 towards scholarships—all of which aides graduating mentees' tuition, laptop, textbook, and other college-related expenses.


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