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Help Kuauhtli Build a Ceremony Center in Costa Rica

Your contribution goes directly towards building a Maloca that will serve as our ceremonial grounds


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Our Dream Ceremonial Center Needs Your Support.

Through a generous donation of a dear friend, we have been able to find land in Costa Rica that we are happy to call home. Through our headquarters in Costa Rica, a central point between the North and the South, we plan to spread awareness of our Native cultures and share the many beautiful teachings of the Condor and the Eagle. This includes hosting indigenous ceremonies, song and dance workshops, and inter-tribal gatherings, as well as creating new medicine music, documentaries, and non-profit initiatives.

What's next for us is to build a large Maloca that will serve as the space where ceremonies, workshops, and events are held on the land. With a minimum of 50k, we will be able to build this structure so that Kuauhtli, Delfina, and other carriers of medicine, can continue to preserve and share their gifts and indigenous wisdom. 


As friends and family of Kuauhtli, we know of his selfless service over the years and want to show our gratitude for his love and help him through this fundraiser. We call in the generosity of the international community to light this sacred fire and set up a flowering altar in a more permanent place that will continue to help people all around the world.

A heartfelt thank you for your support and donations. Your contribution is what will enable all of us to have a base where people can visit Kuauhtli and participate in his retreats and ceremonies. In the center, the prophecy of the Condor Eagle becomes a reality, embracing and integrating the sacred knowledge of the North and South, and bringing the medicines of the world together in a space for studying tradition, culture and prayer.


Our center is based in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, an area by the pacific sea with clean rivers and forests. Costa Rica is a magical land where respect for Mother Earth is a priority, nature is preserved, and sustainability is encouraged. Kuauhtli arrived 20 years ago to Costa Rica, and is today an active member and spiritual leader of the ARC, Association of Regenerative Communities of Costa Rica. 


Kuauhtli's years of involvement in the movement for human rights and activities to preserve the indigenous ways of life served as preparation for his current path bringing ceremonies around the world. He has been traveling the world for the past decades in service to the medicine of his ancestors, visiting over 36 countries sharing this ancestral knowledge. He planted the love of the medicine in many communities, training people to conduct ceremonies, promoting indigenous knowledge and helping heal people from many different ailments, bringing new light and joy into their lives.

For the past 25 years, Kuauhtli has dedicated himself to conducting Mexica ceremonies of "Xochitl in Cuicatl" (Flower and Song), Native American Church tipi meetings, Temazcal (sweat lodge) and Mexica danza.

Kuauhtli has visited 36 countries while actively promoting the legalization and medical research of peyote and other entheogens. He's participated on panels, films, festivals and shared his music world-wide.

To learn more visit www.kuauhtli.com
Watch a documentary movie with Kuauhtli: 


Share Fundraiser


68 Supporters

24% of $50,000 goal