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Emergency heat relief for our unhoused community during a deadly heat wave


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Imagine having no shade, no water, no power, and no medical supervision for weeks at a time in temperatures of 117° F (47 C). LA's brutal heat wave, which is expected to last through early October, is devastating our unhoused community.

The city of Los Angeles has closed most of its cooling centers, leaving only five centers open for the entire city. The cooling centers, which have limited capacity, are located very far away from most of the homeless encampments.

Masks For Docs has created an emergency heat relief fund. Our volunteers, working directly with vendors who provide cooling for the film industry, can operate one portable cooling center $1,500 per day, providing cooling to up to 75 people.

Each portable cooling center is equipped two military-grade portable misters (used for the film industry, large events, and public emergencies), plus shade, cold water, electrolytes, and hand sanitizer. PLEASE contribute what you can. Lives depend on it.

(Note: We are also looking for LA volunteers with trucks or portable generators who can help us, please contact [email protected] if you can help this week!)


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223 Supporters

36% of $25,000 goal

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