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Labyrinth Memorial Garden

Last summer, on June 16, 2022, our hearts were broken when three faithful parishioners were violently taken from us. Collectively embraced by the larger community and inspired by those we lost, we believe that love is the only path forward as we continue to welcome, invite, forgive, and to serve.

The labyrinth garden will be a place of prayer and pilgrimage, of reflection and peace, for all who seek it. It is, also, a remembrance for the lives of Bart Rainey, Jane Pounds, and Sharon Yeager and for those who survived. May its path nurture our entire community leading us to a wholeness of spirit that diminishes the darkness.

Our goal is to strengthen our connection to the community by providing a tranquil labyrinth garden, where those from the community and the church may find peace through meditation and prayer. The labyrinth will be accessible and available to everyone who would like to walk, pray, or find a quiet space to reflect.


  • The labyrinth is a five-circuit wheelchair-accessible octagon.
  • A stone wall with three sheet fountains encloses the garden’s east side.
  • Contrasting stone pavers define the paths to the center, which features a sand blasted trefoil design on the center stone.
  • Curved free-form wooden slat benches and a covered narrow porch are to the south.
  • A bronze plaque will commemorate the tragedy we experienced as a community.
  • Four sweet bay magnolia trees, ground covering, flowering shrubs, and evergreens will shape
    the garden.
  • The Budget for the project is $300,000.


Construction began in early 2023. Our goal is to complete construction by June 16, 2023, when the Most Rev. Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, visits Saint Stephen’s to be with us on this first anniversary.


John Wilson, Golightly Landscape Architecture,


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