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Protect Laguna Rainforests and Watersheds

Help defend vulnerable ecosystems in the Philippine archipelago


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Organized by Deep Green Resistance


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Tropical rainforests in the Laguna province, Philippines, the freshwater lake Laguna de Bay, and subsistence farming and fishing communities are under threat from planned pumped-storage hydropower dams.

Activists in the Laguna region are organizing a campaign of resistance to protect their homes, land, water, and livelihoods.

The Philippines, along with many other countries in the world, is facing an energy crisis, and the construction of hydropower dams and other so-called "green energies", such as liquified gas, are being built under the pretext of climate change, despite opposition from local residents.

If built, these dams will destroy wild rainforests of the Sierra Madre Mountains and adjacent farmland, pollute the lake that local people depend on for drinking water and subsistence fishing, and jeopardize the food and water supply for more than 20,000 local residents. The dam developments will displace 12,000 residents, with no assurance of relocation. They will also exacerbate flooding and harm natural pools in the area that are used for religious practices. As the dams would be built on three major fault lines, there is significant risk of catastrophic failure due to the region's frequent earthquakes.

The Philippines has been ranked the deadliest country in the world for environmental defenders. The rights of activists and people who protect their homeland are barely existent.

This is our goal: We want to delay and ultimately stop the Ahunan and Belisama dam projects.

We are aiming to raise USD $6,000 to resist the Ahunan and Belisama pumped-storage hydropower projects, as well as other eco-destructive developments.

Donating feels good if you know you have an impact with your donation. So we want you to know what our campaign strategy is and how the funds will be used.

The activists leading the campaign are all highly skilled and experienced in campaign strategy, community organizing and activist education. They are conducting a series of trainings for local people to give them the skills and confidence to lead resistance to developments that threaten their land. These trainings have been running since mid-2022, and are planned to continue for as long as the campaign requires.

  • Philippine activists are giving trainings in the Laguna and Quezon provinces on data gathering, documentation, and research as well as on planning, assessment, and monitoring of resistance campaigns.
  • They are providing trainings in campaign strategy and advocacy, engaging media, the public and communities as well as institutions such as municipal and provincial governments, and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources
  • They are conducting consultations with women’s’ groups, youth groups, homeowners’ groups, farmers and fishers’ groups, the private sector, and other communities who will be affected by the project

These activists already have working relationships with the local communities, and have been helping them with disaster relief and preparedness, and organic food growing to support their resistance efforts.

All this urgent organizing depends on your continued support and involvement. Will you donate to show solidarity with people in the Philippines?

When you give to this campaign you will be helping local people get the training they need - to defend their livelihood and communities and to maintain thriving, intact rainforests and watersheds so that subsistence farmers will still be able to fish in the future.

Even small donations are of great help for the activists and communities in need. Due to the difference in currency values, your donation will go a lot further than a donation to a similar campaign in the West.

We are excited to be part of the anti-dam movement in the Philippines!

We will give you updates here on this page, so check back in to read about our progress.


Share Fundraiser


1 Supporter

11% of $6,000 goal

Deep Green Resistance

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