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Saving Lives, Building Futures: The Power of Your Donation

Empowering parents to redefine what’s possible for their families while strengthening tomorrow's communities.


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Organized by Latched Support


For 5 years Latched Support has been synonymous with uplifting mothers through educational materials to feed their babies. However, a lot has happened in 5 years. 

Within 2022, Latched Support has been an advocate and educational resource to 2500 families, 1500 newborns, and thousands more impacted through our Prenatal/Pregnancy Program, Parenting Education Program, and Material Assistance Program.

When we started Latched Support, we began this mission because we saw the inequities within our own healthcare system. Through a terrifying pregnancy and witnessing the callous treatment of fellow pregnant women, we decided to provide prenatal and postpartum education to give women and their babies a healthy start at life. 

We quickly learned that helping mothers feed and connect to their babies was barely the surface-level of what our communities need.

San Antonio continues to have the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the nation. To address this, we offer Parenting Education to teach parents about crib safety, safe sleep strategies, breastfeeding guidance, car seat safety, and child maltreatment prevention.

Every gift makes a huge impact and truly saves thousands of lives. 

Lives like this one mother who was sent home after pregnancy without proper at-home care instructions. Because she did not have a patient advocate, she had no idea that she was going into sepsis. When we showed up, we thought we were doing a regular lactation consultation. However, because of our training, this mother was able to receive the medical care she needed to lead a healthy life. If she had waited any longer, she would have become another statistic.

This is what we mean when we say that we are "more than a name." Your gift to Latched Support is more than a gift. 

Your gift is a gift of prenatal and postpartum care to mothers who need the extra support. Your gift is a safe car seat so that babies can arrive safely to their destinations. Your gift is a gift of providing safe spaces for families to play. Most especially, your gift is a gift of lifesaving hope for growing families. 

Thank you for your generous support to our mission. Whether you give $5 or $5,000, every gift makes a BIG impact!


Veronica and Ashley

Founders of Latched Support


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Latched Support

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 82-2701432