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Please make a gift today to help our older friends know that they're never alone. See your love in action in the LBFE Community Appreciation 2021 video. See the smiling faces of our older friends who have been learning technology to stay connected during the social-distancing of the pandemic. See the community where young and old are becoming friends and helping one another. 

“Technology is great for my generation, as well as yours,” says one older participant to the university volunteers. “I appreciate your program because it gives me dignity, expecting me to learn and grow as an older adult,” says another. You’ll see smiles. You’ll hear Boston and Caribbean accents and Muchas Gracias.
“You bring me joy,” says an older participant about coming together in the group. “I can also clown a little, because I do like to clown… You make me smile.”

Organized by LBFE Boston | Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 04-2681294