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Who would’ve thought that after over 18 months since Learn It Together began in May of 2020, we would still be offering free, online tutoring sessions to students across the country! 

While 2021 proved to be challenging in many ways, Learn It Together was able to reach some crucial milestones: we had our 2,000th session, we developed a brand new website, we hired two experienced working professionals to help us with operations and, in July, we officially became a licensed nonprofit! We’re even offering our tutoring services in the classroom, in partnership with DC’s Capital Village Public Charter Schools. Most of all, there’s still a team of dedicated college students and recent graduates behind the scenes keeping the organization running. 

But even though students are returning to their classrooms, there’s no underestimating the disruptive impact COVID-19 has had on young people’s education. While Learn It Together began as a response to COVID-19 and remote learning, we aim to offer our services indefinitely. Our partners themselves have told us that their community’s need for tutoring will persist well beyond COVID. Our meetings with teachers, principals, social workers, and parents have shown us that many schools and families simply don’t have the academic resources that they, and all students, deserve.

But to do that, we need your help. Currently, our biggest expense is background checks. Every volunteer tutor completes a background check, costing $17, and we cover the cost. Additionally, we want to begin paying tutors for their time and offer tutor-specific programming. We hope to improve our website’s functionality in order to serve as many students and families as possible, as well as develop and invest in a marketing strategy to expand our network of partners.

During this holiday season, we ask that you consider making a tax-deductible contribution to our GiveButter campaign. One $17 donation allows for one tutor to get fully vetted! 

We hope to raise $2,500. Any amount helps, and we’ll happily provide you with a receipt and all necessary documentation for tax purposes.

Thank you for your support!


Matthew Litman, Shira Feen, and the Learn It Together team 



6 Supporters

28% of $2,500 goal

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