Lessonbee is an educational technology company that supports sustained outcomes in health literacy and well-being. With Lessonbee, you can teach health, check-in, and support individual needs, all in a single platform that educates, validates, and celebrates learners at every level.

Lessonbee provides skill-building health education through adaptive story-based lessons that provide a relevant and emotionally affirming experience for students in grades K-12. We use designed adaptivity to create self-paced lessons where students explore health dilemmas and health choices through role play. Our learning paths allow students to choose their own adventure as they develop skills to manage and nurture individual, family, and community health.

For schools and districts, Lessonbee ensures health education compliance with standards-aligned lessons that save teachers time while increasing student engagement in health class and their investment in making healthy lifestyle choices. For parents, Lessonbee’s Family Wellness Program offered via workplaces and benefits providers helps reduce employee absenteeism and improve employee productivity by supporting parents of school-age children with critical health and wellness education resources needed during their children’s formative years.