Oaxaca Festival at the Lambertville Library!

Sunday, August 21st! Library Lawn @6 Lilly Street


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Lambertville Free Public Library

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Did you know that most of Lambertville's Latinx population hails from Oaxaca, Mexico?

Support our first-ever festival that celebrates Oaxaca’s rich cultural heritage as seen through the eyes of our oaxaqueño neighbors and friends. Food, music, dancers, art installments, a Oaxaca exhibit, and arts-and-crafts activities for all ages make up this free event that welcomes all!
Plus, donations that surpass the cost of the event will roll over into future Hispanic programming.

The festival was created and hosted by Lambertville Library’s group, Latinas en Lambertville. They will prepare the food, the dancers in full garb are local, and Oaxaca inspired art and decor will be displayed inside the library and throughout the library lawn at 6 Lilly Street. Plus, we are preparing arts and craft activities for children and adults before and during the event.

The whole festival is FREE, including food and beverages.

Latinas en Lambertville

The group began through a women’s empowerment workshop developed by the library in the spring of 2022. It was attended steadily by a core group of 25-30 women and their children also engaged in educational activities. The Oaxaca Festival serves as an extension of the program so the group can apply skills learned and grow together as a community.

In addition to donations, we are looking for volunteers. 

Reach out to our staff at the Library if you are interested , or call Trina Bardusco: at 347-837-1542. We hope you’ll join us!

Here are photos we captured during the Latinas in Lambertville program!

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20 supporters

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