Lombard Library Board Fundraiser

Daniel O’Connell, Dustin Himmerich, and Sam Kuhlman affirm and support the mission and principles of the American Solidarity Party.

Each of these candidates devotes his personal actions and family mission to Christian ideals and understands that changing society starts in the home and then extends outward.

They understand that the only way to correct the regrettable course that our current culture is taking is by turning back to the foundations upon which western society is built.

It is the hope of these candidates that by, after properly ordering their home and family, local involvement in the public process they can bring positive change to their community and the broader culture.

These candidates seek to be responsible stewards of public resources and provide a library environment that nurtures families and provides the education and resources necessary for patrons to enrich their lives.

They seek to reverse the misuse of public space in the library, especially for children, and look to listen to local patrons for their input unlike the current library board members.

To join, make a contribution of any size and check the box indicating your agreement with the affirmation statement.

Your contribution today makes you a voting member for one year. We encourage our supporters to join with a sustaining yearly or monthly contribution, which helps us budget and ensures you don't lose your voting membership at the end of the year.

The maximum legal contribution is $5,000 per individual, per year. Contributions to this campaign are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Organized by American Solidarity Party
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