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September is leukodystrophy awareness month - help us raise funds to Lick Leukodystrophy!


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Halter/Davis Lick ALD/AMN


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Team Halter/Davis....raising awareness of ALD/AMN! My husband John is affected with AMN (Halter) and my Daughter (Jesi Davis)has the gene! Our whole family has felt the affects of living with a Leukodystrophy.  


John's younger brother died of ALD in 1978. John who is 63, was diagnosed in 1989 at the age of 31. By this time we had two beautiful children a daughter and a son.


Life continued, with many changes and adaptations to our lives. Our children are grown with families, blessed beyond measure with grandchildren. Gus our grandson, from our daughter Jesi is clear of the gene. 


Jesi now experiences AMN symptoms. John has daily challenges now and our perspective on raising awareness has doubled! Having a leukodystrophy is no Joke....watching a loved one struggle to live is a heartache ….My husband  says "Don't let the disease define who you are! Live life to its fullest" Never Give Up!! 


Please help Team Halter/Davis raise awareness and money for this great cause!!  Donate to our cause! $5, $10, $20 ......I will personally send you a Brain Pop! 

 Look for the Socks for ALD...on my Daughters Esty shop!!


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September is leukodystrophy awareness month - and we want YOU to help us Lick Leukodystrophy! Start a team and tell your story to raise funds that will go towards our mission of hope for improved treatments and a cure.

Any amount raised will go further than you think, but we do encourage you to set a goal! The team that raises the most funds, and the team that has the most donors will get a special prize from the ULF!

Remember, you are not alone and the ULF community is not giving up. Together, we can Lick Leukodystrophy!

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92 supporters

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