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Bringing the Gospel to Schools all across America!


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It's MyTRIBE's Birthday!
And for our birthday, we don't want presents. We want to bring the teachings of Jesus to public schools through The Llama Show and The Llama App!

The biggest mission field in America is the public school system

(There are over 130,000 schools in America, reaching nearly 50 million kids!)

Through our shows and apps,
we are able to bring the teachings of Jesus to these schools via Lonny the Llama. We already have teachers and principles asking for it! But in order to reach every school in America, we need your help in partnering with us and giving to one of the greatest needs in America - Biblical teaching in the public school system!

PBS is considering The Llama Show, schools are asking for The Llama Show,
but in order to reach these schools we need to invest $250,000 into app development and content creation. Here's the GOOD NEWS, we are only $100,000 away from being fully funded! Will you consider joining us on this important mission? Your donation will make an eternal impact as we reach schools, that until now, have been nearly impossible to reach!


And here’s the fun part, every family or church who donates to this mission will be entered into a MyTRIBE contest,
and the winner will receive a FREE screening party with Jason and Alyson. They will travel to your house or church for an exclusive screening of the world premiere of Lonny’s upcoming new show. They will even bring pizza and snacks! And hang out with you (and whoever you invite) as 
we celebrate the completion of this mission!


Donate $10 or more and receive:

- A type-written Thank You from Jason!


Donate $100 or more and receive:

All the above, plus
- A hand-written note from Jason & Alyson!
- A Lonny The Llama collectible plush toy!


Donate $250 or more and receive:

All the above, plus
- Lonny Sticker Pack
- Lonny Lingo Game Pack


Donate $500 or more and receive:

All the above, plus:
- MyTRIBE Shirt
- Personalized Shout-out Video to your family from Lonny The Llama


Donate $1,000 or more and receive:

All the above, plus:
- 20 Minute phone call between your family and Lonny The Llama (and our cast and crew!)


*All donors will be entered into a chance to win an Exclusive Screening Party with Jason and Aly, who will travel to your house and watch the world premiere of Lonny's show with your family and whoever you invite!



79 Supporters

11% of $100,000 goal

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