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UPDATE (December  17 2020)

Buy PE Uniforms for students whose parents are having financial hardship. Donate Here $8 to buy 1 set of PE uniform.

UPDATE ( October 22 2020 ) 

You’ve Made an Impact!

To our donors, your generosity has helped the students at SDN 1 Sokong get back to school safely.
Thank you for helping us to reach our fundraising goal.

We are very excited and grateful to see more donations coming. We will provide an update how your donation being allocated to benefit all 196 students at SDN1 Sokong through social media. Follow along on Instagram: @iFundEducation62 and Facebook:  @iFundEducation62.

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Sokong Elementary School (SDN 1 Sokong) has not even recovered 100% yet from the two deadly earthquakes that shook Lombok's island in Indonesia in July and August 2018; now, they must face a lack of funding to bring back students to school during COVID-19.

The record shows 606 schools were destroyed by earthquakes, including Sokong Elementary School.

Last year, the school received funding from the local government and the Ministry of Education and Culture to build four new classrooms and a teacher lounge. However, the school still experiences a lack of funding to build other facilities.

This fundraising aims to raise $1500, and the donation will go to :

URGENT FUND - To provide the supplies for pandemic back-to-school including :

  1. Handwashing stations
  2. Masks
  3. Hand sanitizers
  4. Infrared thermometers

DISASTER FUND - To help rebuild the rest of the school facilities after the 2018 Earthquake. 

  1. Mini gardens for two classrooms to support in-class study
  2. Mini library 

Pic : Sokong Elementary school doing a National Flag Ceremony that held every Monday

Thank you for your interest in our cause. Your donation will help Pak No, school staff, and students stay clean and hygiene during this pandemic. We will update you once a month.

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24 supporters

$1,500 goal

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