Loving Paws, Inc. is the non-profit arm of Wash My Dog, a full-service pet grooming salon started by Andrea Carter and Terryl Daluz in 2018. With two locations, Andrea and Terryl wanted all pets to receive the safe, friendly, and thorough grooming services they provide to their clients, especially pets whose people could not afford or access high-quality pet grooming. 

Our Founders 

Terryl Daluz and Andrea Carter are passionate about providing services to homeless individuals and families because they have worked in the social services field for over twenty years. Terryl's last position was as a Case Manager who helped provide housing and services to unhoused individuals, and Andrea works as the Director of Interim Housing for several shelters throughout Los Angeles. 

In their positions, they have seen firsthand how people struggle with maintaining and caring for their pets in order for them to access and retain housing. 

Our Story

A number of studies document the benefits of pets for the unhoused. Pets provide comfort and protection as people navigate life on the streets or in shelters. They also give solace and companionship to unhoused elders and those experiencing mental health challenges. 

But pet care can be costly.

Andrea and Terryl started Loving Paws, Inc. to fill that need and support unhoused community members and others who want to care for their pets but need a little assistance with grooming and upkeep.

Loving Paws, Inc. believes that every pet deserves to look and feel its best and makes it possible for pet parents to love-on their pet family by keeping them clean, healthy, and happy.

Our Goal

We want to raise $10,000 by the end of 2022. Funds raised will provide unhoused community members with grooming, bedding, toys & supplies (e.g., collars, harnesses, leashes, and feeding bowls), and food.

    How You Can Help

      Make a tax-deductible donation to one of our Loving Paws, Inc. campaigns and funds.

      Your donation will allow Loving Paws, Inc. to provide pets whose people need a little assistance with everything they need to stay healthy, happy, and housed.

      Take a few minutes to activate your love of pets by giving to one of our campaigns and funds.

      Loving Paws, Inc.

      A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

      EIN 85-4377761