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Lucky Horseshoes 2023

Make a child’s future lucky by donating to Owen’s Ovation Scholarship Fund! All donations will be used to providescholarships for our equine programs to children with diverse abilities who are in need of financial assistance. For each $5 donation, a child will color a lucky horseshoe and hang it up in the BEAMING barn!

Owen was an extraordinary equine partner at BEAMING. We are so very grateful to him for all he did for our programs: for his patience with fearful and apprehensive riders, his enthusiasm when he was asked to trot one more lap to satisfy an excited child, for his humble obedience when asked to “walk on” by the tiniest voice, for his trustworthiness to build self confidence in self-doubting teens, and for his camaraderie to build relationships with and among returning veterans. 

Owen leaves behind a legacy of life-changing service, compassion, trust, and integrity; a legacy we are honored to carry out in our BEAMING programs. Bringing something positive from Owen’s passing has helped the hearts of everyone involved with BEAMING and his legacy will continue to Change Lives, One Ride at a Time.

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