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$200,000 goal


As of November 21, 2021 Total Pledges & Matched Funds total $214,638

Our First Church Natick building has served as a beacon of our faith and a landmark at the crossroads of the town since 1876. As caretakers, we acknowledge that it is our turn to plan for the restoration and renewal of this important place.



The FCN building serves as a constant connection to the church's AND our town's past. The Faith in Our Future Capital Campaign seeks to fund important work that will maintain and protect its physical structure so our bell will continue to sound over the Natick Common for generations to come.

We are... RENEWING

Because we have faith in a vibrant and active future, FCN seeks to move beyond the preservation of our building toward renewal of our indoor spaces too. The Capital Campaign funds will support the update and enhancement of our large worship space and the kitchen off our fellowship hall.


Along with enthusiasm about updating spaces for church uses, the FCN congregation has a passion for welcome. We know many of our neighbors visit our front porch and strategic corner at Natick's crossroads, but we can't wait to beckon the wider community inside to use our spaces for social, educational, civic, and performance purposes.


Our congregation is excited to return to a space that will usher our worship practice into the future. We look forward to:

  • updated lighting,
  • enhanced audio/visual capabilities and acoustics,
  • an accessible stage area, and
  • improved internet connectivity.


FCN's congregation is recommitting to our faith and looking ahead to a bright future for our spiritual home AND our town. We are taking the opportunity to pay back with gratitude for our blessings and to pay it forward to future generations who will enjoy our building for a variety of events and programs. Perhaps you or your organization will see an intersection of purposes at FCN and partner with us on this campaign now OR in our refreshed building at some point in the future.



25 supporters

$200,000 goal

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First Congregational Church of Natick, UCC