Designated Funds

We strive to make donating as easy as possible for our partners. The current options for contributing to our organization are: 

1. Online Donation Portal- THIS VERY PAGE THAT YOU ARE READING. The company that processes the donation will charge a small fee for processing credit or debit card transactions.

2. Zelle is an option for transferring funds from bank account to bank account with zero fees. Please send us a message if you choose to use this option so we can make sure the donation is processed properly. You can link to our Zelle account through our phone number 843-814-3397.

3. ACH transfer- Fees associated with this transaction vary from bank to bank, but often they are much less than fees charged by credit card processing companies. Please contact us for our bank routing and account number information: [email protected]

4. We welcome your donation via check! Checks are a straightforward way to donate, and there are no fees associated with check transactions. You can mail your check to:

Zeteo Mission Partners 

Marcie Monaco

11190 Hagemann Rd. 

Lebanon, IL 62254

THANK YOU! We are so grateful for your partnership.

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*Zeteo Mission Partners is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt immediately following this donation, and an end-of-year giving summary via email.*

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